Junior's Furniture Service is a Company that has been a big part of the interior design industry of South Louisiana for over 25 years. With clients ranging from home owners looking to breathe new life into family heirlooms to some of the most prominent interior decorators in the South.
When tasked to re-brand and give direction for their new marketing campaign, I listened to what Junior's Furniture Service wanted and researched what they needed. 
In the end we managed to create a look that maintained the old-fashion aesthetic and combined it with some newer and timeless elements. In other words we wanted to make a logo and follow certain branding practices that would make the general public want to look at all the materials that Junior's Furniture Services releases. 
They provide a service that not only improves the aesthetic of daily life, but they also improve the comfort of day to day life and that's what we set out to show in this re-brand. 
Below is an alternate logo design that incorporates most of the elements of the main logo. It's minimalist style allows for it to be used in smaller areas like stickers, stamps, and decals. The design is more symbol-like but at the same time still feels elegant.
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